Project name

Water logs at 11 road sections in the central urban zone were improved

Responsible department

Municipal Water Affairs Bureau and Each District Government

Support units

Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Municipal Traffic Bureau, Municipal Traffic Police Headquarters

Basis for actualization

As specified in the Notification about Affairs Which Are Closely Correlated to People’s Life and Must Be Completed by the Municipal Government in 2017 printed and released by the General Office of Shanghai People’s Government (No. 2017-11 Document released by the General Office of Shanghai People’s Government), the project of road water log improvement is a drainage facility improvement project actualized with the annual road reconstruction and maintenance work in each related district to effectively relieve the regional rainstorm and water logging problems and be characterized by short project period, fast effect taking and strong social response.

Project background

The drainage facilities in the central urban zone were constructed long time ago, and all pipes are old now, far below the standards for flood prevention, and cannot satisfy the requirements for flood prevention and drainage. When a storm comes, there are usually a lot of water logs on roads, troubling citizens nearby and social vehicles. On such a background, the road water log improvement project is actualized according to the annual road reconstruction and maintenance plan to improve the road flood prevention capacity and solve problems of the rainstorm and water logging.

Project content

The project covers 11 sections on Yong’an Road, New Yong’an Road and East Nanjing Road in Huangpu District, Hongxing Road, Gongxing Road and Yuyao Road in Jing’an District, An’guo Road and Wan’an Road in Hongkou District, Xixiang Road in Putuo District, and Pingliang Road and Shuangliao Road in Yangpu District.

Annual plan

The water log improvement project on 11 road sections is completed in 1 year. 10% of the total project is completed in the 1st quarter, 40% in the 2nd quarter, 60% in the 3rd quarter, and all in the 4th quarter.

Actualization progress

The work on 9 sections is started, in which the work on the East Nanjing Road is completed and opened to traffic and the main body of the sewer pipeline below Yuyao Road and Gongxing Road is completed. 2,550 m of drainage pipes, equivalent to 51% of the total amount, are paved.

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